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The carbon content of steel is on avg. 1.051. So 1.45kg 1.45kg 1.051 1.4347605kg of iron in the avg. longsword. At .004kg of iron in the average man and assuming complete iron extraction from each corpse forging a sword from bloodiron would have taken 358.69 or 359 dead men.quot u/Tashre:

This is how much human blood you need to make a longsword

Its true there is iron in red blood cells mostly in hemoglobin but trying to extract that iron from someones blood is no simple process. And with a little math weve determined that if youre somehow able to get the iron out the number of people youd need to drain would be way higher than the meme suggests.

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2 Answers2. It is not possible to separate iron from blood without damaging the haemoglobin. Iron is a part of haemoglobin and if iron is removed the haemoglobin becomes something else. The blood then becomes incapable of transferring oxygen. Using the reactivity series just displace the iron with a more reactive metal.

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From a young age we are taught that iron is a nutrient that makes us strong. It is a vital component of haemoglobin which is the substance in red blood cell

Is it possible to extract the iron from blood If so how

This is a guesd based on a google search. The average man has 4g of iron total I 39m his body. To make calculation easy say 2g in the blood. It is theoretically possible to exsanguinate a body but let and 039s say you get on average half the blood from e

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Yes and its a standard fantasy trope that the Sword of Evil was made from the blood of the slain. But youd need a lot of blood or be prepared to settle for a very small sword.

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Excess iron must be removed from the body by phlebotomy the procedure used for donating blood. You can have the procedure done in a hospital clinic or outpatient care center. A nurse or a certified phlebotomist applies a tourniquet and then places a needle in a dominant vein. The blood drains into a large collection container.

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How to extract the iron out of blood to make a sword from one

You get mineral iron from food and the body converts it to hemoglobin. So why not just extract the mineral iron from food in the first place easier than changing proteins to iron. If you really want to extract iron from blood then just make a thingamajic device that does it. Dont explain the science.

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How Would You Extract Iron From Blood