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If you later on have other buildings that need iron e.g. the almost essential cannonfoundry the same ratio is good: 1 mine 1 smelter and 1 toolmaker 1 cannonfoundry. On Stonemasons and Quarries BigTiny writes: I will usually build a road under the quarry and put the masons across the street. 2 masons can work the same quarry at once

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Iron mine. Wood: 20: Price: 1000: Stock: 4 : Bricks: 5: Operating cost active/passive : 60/20 : Tools: 10: Requires: 120 settlers : Deep iron mine. Wood: 30

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I hope you 39re ready for a nostalgia trip because we 39re going down memory lane with the original Anno game Anno 1602 AD or Anno 1602 for those not in the U

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Deep iron mine: These extract ore from deposits after conventional Iron mines have stopped working after the first 80t of Ore have been mined. You can place a Deep iron mine on a fresh deposit there is no need to build a regular Iron mine first. Churches and Colleges: Churches supersede Chapels. Colleges supersede Schools.

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Construction Cost 135000 320 70 Upkeep 12 Dimensions 5x3 place on Produces in 3:30 The Iron Mine produces Iron Ore which is used along with Coal to produce Iron. Available 1 merchant. Note that you can only place one Iron Mine per deposit.

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This table shows the requirements to construct and operate buildings what buildings produce and what stock level of produced items they can hold. It is based on data found at with a few changes

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Ore deposits may eventually be exhausted due to mining. From FrankB: If you dont have a mountain with endless ore your deep iron ore mine will run out after 240t of ore that includes the first 80t you already mined with the small one . Generally there are three ore deposits possible: small 80t big 240t and endless..

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2.11 The crossed hammers are still turning over my mountain. How come my iron mine isn 39t producing any iron You probably built a normal iron mine whose supply is eventually exhausted. Now you have to build a deep iron mine to get at the rest of the ore. 2.12 How do I solve the quotGood Neighborsquot mission

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Anno 1602 Deep Iron Mine