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Honing is a surface finishing operation based on abrasive action performed by a set of bonded abrasive sticks. It is generally used to finish bores of cylinders of IC engine hydraulic cylinders gas barrels bearings etc. It can reduce the level of surface roughness below 32 m. It produces a characteristics surface pattern as

Honing Lapping and Superfinishing Alternatives at Duval

Honing and Honing Alternatives. Honing is a highprecision process used to improve form characteristics such as cylindricity and surface finish. Honing is used to improve the geometry of a part adjust the alignment of features such as holes or bores and in some cases produce a specific surface finish on the interior bore.

Super finishing stone honing stone for superfinishing

Superfinishing or quotsuper finishingquot is the process applied at the final end when making as fine and smooth surfaces as possible for metal parts such as raceway surface of bearings and shafts. The main reason why super finishing stones are applied in the final polishing process is to reduce the friction caused to the metal which leads to its

Honing Process Working Diagram Advantages Appli ions

It is a superfinishing operation used for previously machined surfaces. It is used for finishing internal cylindrical surfaces drilled or bored holes. the tool is called Hone which is made out of bonded abrasive stone made in the form of stick. the tool moves back and forth while rotating about its axis.

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HONING Hole made by boring is obtained to required dimension and finishing by honing. In this process abrasive stone is used. The dimension to an accuracy of 0.005 mm can be obtained by honing process 6. Honing is wet cutting process. 6 to 8 honing sticks are held together and metal is removed by rotating or recipro ing the holder.


Superfinishing is a high precision process to improve the final geometry and surface finish of the part and to remove defects generated during grinding operations. Microfinishing is characterized by an oscillation of the stone and the pressure of the abrasive on the rotating workpiece. SUPERFINISHING HONING and SUPERFINISHING 3

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The machining allowance is regulated by the honing time. In order to produce narrow diameter tolerances it is necessary to determine the workpiece diameter during the process. The honing process ends when the nominal diameter is reached. Special honing tools can be used in order to detect the actual measure of the bore.

How to correctly choose honing stick stone and honing

Usually choose wide honing stick stone to hone soft materials and choose narrow honing stick stone to hone hard materials. When honing the steel parts the honing stick stone is narrower than that used for cast iron. The honing stick stone may be as wide as possible when honing small hole. The stone B25mm when honing big hole.

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How To Honing Stick Used In Bearing Superfinishing Process